Some people have been emailing me with questions on the company that actually runs BeNaughty. Who are they exactly? Is BeNaughty legit?

In short, yes. BeNaughty is run by a 100% legit company called Cupid based in Edinburgh, Scotland. It’s actually the fifth largest online dating company in the world. 

I completely understand why some people are a little iffy about it. You get the gorgeous girl on the front page of the website, offering you something that maybe seems a little bit on the ‘too good to be true’ side. Considering the scams, false claims, and complete rip-offs I always suggest you do your due diligence before making any sort of payment (or even giving your details).

More About Cupid plc

Cupid plc logo.

Cupid plc logo.

The company has been in business since 2005 and they have a solid track record. BeNaughty is actually just one of the many platforms they run. Ever heard of Yep, Cupid run this huge dating site. SpeedDater and are two of their other big brands.

In terms of users across all sites, they have a staggering 54 million. That’s quite a lot of single ladies to choose from. Let’s just say that you won’t struggle to find someone that matches exactly what you’re looking for. There’s something there for most (if not all) people.

News articles

You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Here are some excellent news articles that validate the fact that we’re talking about the real deal here.

Virtual Strategy Magazine – Online Dating Leader Cupid Sees Members Increase Six-Fold During First Half of 2012

Proactive Investors UK – Cupid Plc says it’s beating market expectations as online dating gains credibility

BBC News – Cupid named Scotland’s fastest-growing technology firm

BeNaughty legit? Yes!

Huge company with a proven track record? Check. Massive verified number of users? Check. Reputable news outlets such as the BBC reporting on the legitimacy of the firm? Check. So there you have it. BeNaughty is absolutely a legitimate website and we’ve given you the proof you need.

Now, that doesn’t necessarily mean their offer is right for you. To find out more on that, you should check out our thorough BeNaughty review.