Unfortunately, the fact is that the net is full of scammers. The dating world is a particularly tempting place for these people, as it’s full of guys ready to whip out their credit cards at the slightest hint of interest from the finer sex.

Plenty of dating sites get negative reviews due to the abundance of fake profiles. BeNaughty.com has this problem as well, though it’s not nearly as prevalent as with other sites (which is one reason we like the site). Nevertheless, it’s impossible for site admins to catch every single fake profile.

That’s why you’re going to have to savvy to the ins and outs of how these scammers work. Follow these 5 tips and you’ll guarantee that you’ll deal with real girls only.

Profile Photos


Wow, I just joined the site and this hot girl messaged me! Not fake at all.

You can usually spot 9 out of the 10 fake profiles simply by looking at the profile pictures. Most of the time, they will look too ‘perfect’. Girls will look like they’re posing for a fashion magazine or something.

What really gets me is how often guys fall for these tricks. Come on, wake up! It just doesn’t look like someone’s natural profile. You should be able to spot these from a mile away. Heck, some of the BeNaughty ads you see try and entice you with a model’s photo. It’s called marketing. 

Just stick to the profiles where the girls look like real people, not a Victoria Secrets Model. Sure, there are plenty of hot, beautiful and interesting girls on dating sites everywhere, but they don’t usually put up glamour shots as their profile pictures.

Read the Profiles

I know, it’s tempting to bases absolutely everything on pictures, but it’s always helpful to have a quick look at a girl’s profile as well. After all, personality matters.

Additionally, it’s going to help you find the fakes quite easily. Even if the scammer has used an ‘authentic’ looking profile picture, it’s highly unlikely that they’ve also done a good job on the profile itself.

Most of these scammers are lazy and don’t want to spend half an hour thinking of a unique profile that sounds like a real person. That’s why it’s so easy to filter these people out by looking at the text they’ve bungled together in a matter of 30 seconds.

Usually these girls will be full of cliches and are just a little too naughty, even for a site like BeNaughty.com! Loads of real girls are up for some casual fun on the site, but they’re not usually as blatant as some of the fake profiles. There are exceptions, of course!

Generic Messages

Excited that you just got a message from a beautiful girl right after joining BeNaughty.com? Congratulations! You’re about to get scammed.

Okay, that’s perhaps a little too blatant and direct but it’s often true. Scammers are often on the lookout for unsuspecting newbies that don’t know the ropes of sites like BeNaughty (and other dating sites). It’s much easier to scam someone that’s just joined a site compared to a veteran like myself.

Think about it. Why would a beautiful woman be sitting at her computer waiting for the next new member of BeNaughty to join? Why would she message YOU, out of all people? You’re probably a nice guy, but not unique enough to be bombarded by requests from gorgeous women. I know I’m not.

When I first joined the site, I got a couple of real messages from girls that happened to match in terms of personalities (as specified in our profiles). However, I also got a bunch of messages from gorgeous women that looked like they were models and/or porn stars. I deleted them straight away.

Soon after, I stopped getting them. Not only is the site great at weeding these people out of their systems, but they also tend to target people that have just joined.

I now mostly get messages from real people, either from conversations I’ve initiated or from girls that have found me through the profile search. As with the real world, some of them are average looking, others are beautiful and others are up for a bit of fun as well!

Keep the Credit Card in Your Pocket

Only to be used for subscription costs. NOTHING else.

Only to be used for subscription costs. NOTHING else.

One of the easiest ways of weeding out fakes is by waiting for them to ask you for money. Some scammers are quite clever and invest a little bit of time in crafting a nice story and pretending like they want to get to know you.

Remember, they’re just using your weakness of wanting attention from women. They know that there are loads of guys out there craving even just email contact with a woman, let alone casual no-strings attached fun.

Once they’re “in” they will use sympathy as their main weapon. That’s why around 60% of fake profiles have ‘widowed’ under their relationship status. Often it will be a tale of pain and tragedy. For example, the girl is a single parent and needs to pay her son’s medical bills. Or something. You can’t really say no to that, can you?

NEVER pay for anything other than the joining fee. This should be your mantra at all times.

Use Common Sense

Guys, start thinking with your brain and not your crown jewels. Look, if you’re a 60-year old balding guy with a beer belly, it may be that tad harder to get yourself a date. That’s the reality. It’s not impossible to bag yourself an evening with an attractive younger lady, but it’s not going to come with a snap of your fingers.

So if an absolutely gorgeous 23-year old model sends you message after message begging you for your phone number, the alarm bells should go into overdrive mode.

Remember, if it’s too good to be true then… you know the rest.