BeNaughty Review: Scam or Safe Place for Casual Fun?

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Casual dates, friendship and fun is what offers. About six months ago, we decided to join and see whether it’s actually worth joining.

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Does it live up to what the sales page promises? Let’s cut straight to the chase.

Point Blank: Is It A Scam?

Dating sites don’t have a good reputation online, particularly if they are of the ‘adult’ variety. Unfortunately there ARE a lot scams out there. These can be categorised in the following two ways:

  • Scam sites: In other words, the whole operation is a scam and they’re just out to take your money.
  • Legitimate site, scam profiles: The site and business is 100% legit, but you unfortunately find fake profiles that are just trying to lure you in to using another paid service or escort services.

It falls into the second category and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Let me tell you why.

The internet is full of spammers and scammers, there’s no way to ignore it. It’s just like the real world. It is a legitimate site, but sometimes fake profiles will fall through the cracks. The moderators do a good job of deleting them, however, so you should mostly deal with real people.

However, you’ll still have to keep a watchful eye. If you’re 55 and you get a sudden offer from a beautiful 18-year old, think twice before trying to hook up with her. Sorry, but it’s likely there’s something more to the story. Just use your common sense.

Otherwise, the site is full of people that are looking for the same thing you are. Regular folk who want some casual and kinky fun. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? Just make sure you sift through the ones that look obviously spammy and you’ll be fine.

What is it exactly?

Dating site or escort service? Webcam shows or real people?

For those of you who are a bit confused about the service: it’s essentially a dating site where people go to look for casual fun, friendships and long-term relationships. You can also use it for a bit of harmless flirting as well, in case you don’t want to actually meet people face to face.

There are options for every kind of person, whether you’re looking for casual no-strings-attached fun or something more serious.

Loads of people instantly assume it’s all about sex, but it’s not 100% like that (we’re not saying you won’t find it, though!).

The idea is more that it’s an adult site, so you can place your (naughty) interests on your profile and people won’t be freaking out about it. You can then search based on people that are looking for casual fun, dates that may lead to something more, friendship or an actual relationship. It’s all possible and the site connects you to like-minded people that are up for the same thing you are.

Plenty of members have found one-night stands, while others have even found “the one” on the site. So it’s all possible. Check out the forums for more testimonials and success stories!

Mood: Cheeky, Fun, Honest

As the name of the site suggests, there’s no room for stuffy and frigid attitudes. People are very ‘real’ here and you will know exactly what they like and don’t like. If you want to know what people like to do in the bedroom, it will probably say so on their profiles!

You can choose to upload naughty photos and videos as well, within reason. It’s all up to you, though. You don’t have to reveal more than you want to, but it always helps to be as honest as you can when meeting new people! After all, you want people to find your profile and connect with you!

Join the Forum and Take Part in the Community Chats

One of the cool features of is that it has its own forum for the community of members. Perfect if you have any questions, concerns or are just looking to introduce yourself to like-minded people in a group setting.

Most people are very friendly towards those that have just joined the site and have a bunch of ‘stupid’ questions. We’ve all been there! It’s quite active as well so you will feel like you’re part of something, which is always a plus!

Who are the Users?

The classic a/s/l question.Honestly, it really varies.

The members of the forums are usually a bit older and tend to be the ones that are up for friendship and chatting, whereas when you search through the profiles you’ll find people from 18 and up and interested in pretty much anything. It’s a melting pot of people from all sorts of background, nationalities and ages.

Don’t worry. You will find what you are looking for!

Real User Testimonials

These are just a few selected testimonials from the official forum. Head over to their site and have a look around. Just a quick read over the threads will give you everything you need to know. These are all real people with great experiences.

Some have found love, while others have found random encounters. There are those that adore the site just for the friendship they find in the community. You’ll see people that are looking for casual fun, while others are simply wanting to get over a painful divorce. You’ll find people from all walks of life with varying degrees of the naughty factor!

Have a look:

Selection of BeNaughty Testimonials
Selection of BeNaughty Testimonials

Free Trial: Try Before You Buy

One of the great things about it is that you can sign up completely FREE. It doesn’t take long before you can start browsing a list of singles that know exactly what they want. If it’s not for you, simply cancel your membership. So there’s really no excuse not to check the service out.

What are the prices like?

It is in the same ballpark as most general dating sites in terms of prices. They also offer some very hefty discounts if you decide to join for longer than just a single month at a time.

We suggest going for the 3-month option at least, as 1 month isn’t really enough time to get to know people on the forums and through private chats. Plus, once you see how much fun it is we’re sure you won’t want to end your membership.

In terms of exact pricing, you’re going to have to join the free membership to find out. This isn’t some sort of con to make you join, but it’s just the way their system works. They give you specific discounts based on the time of year, how long you want to join for, etc. So it varies.

Don’t worry, though, once you join (for 100% free) you can see your personalised offers and make a decision.


  1. James Whites says

    Thanks for the review! Signed up a few weeks ago and have had a positive experience so far. Glad I read your tips on avoiding scam profiles as it really helped me weed out the chancers!

    Have had one date so far and that went very well indeed ;-) Seeing her again in a couple of weeks! Loving It.

    • Tom Frater says

      Hey James, thanks for your comment. Really appreciate it. Yes, the site is great as long as you use a bit of common sense. The admins do quite a decent job there, so you shouldn’t have too many issues anyway.

      Glad to hear you got yourself a date! Plenty more where that came from! Any other questions let me know :)

  2. Jonathan C says

    Hey! Thanks for this, am still on the fence about joining. I’m slightly older than you (well, just guessing from your photo!) and I’m actually in my 50s. Trying to get back into the dating game after my divorce. You’ve said that it’s for everyone, but just want to double check that there are plenty of girls in my age range as well?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Tom Frater says

      Hey Jonathan! First of all, sorry to hear about your divorce. Good effort in wanting to get into online dating. :-) It’s good fun!

      In answer to your question, it’s a resounding YES! In fact, I’d maybe say that it’s split right down the middle. There are quite a few older women in a similar situation as you, looking for a bit of fun/dates after a difficult divorce. I’ve actually had a date with one in the past and she was definitely a bit of a yummy mummy (aka milf haha).

      You should definitely check the site out. There’s a 100% risk-free trial so you can always take the site for a test drive before deciding whether it’s for you.

      Hope that helped! Any other questions let me know.

  3. says

    Hi Tom! I’m having one hell of a time trying to memberize on benaughty. I have plenty of money and my credit is good but neither my bank or VISA and Mastercard will authorize the transaction. Not even the 3 day trial. Any suggestions? Is it safe to use the “pay by check or money order” option? Thanks!

    • Tom Frater says

      Hi Todd,

      I haven’t had this issue. Have you tried talking to your bank?

      I apologise for the delayed response. I’ve had over 3000 SPAM messages to go through to get to the real ones ha!

  4. says

    be naughty has a scam going where you join and subscriptions are taken and re billed automaticly every month,you have to cancel rebilling in order to stop the payment coming out of your account,after going through the process they send a cancellation code to your email,well low and behold the email never arrives and after trying several times to cancel you have to send an e mail to customer services,and they e mail back no problems but guess what they cant help,they want you to ring a number god knows how much it costs and they keep you hanging on and talking crap for ages,so after all this it is easier to contact your bank and get another card issued,now tell me this is not a scam!!! R heaton

    • Tom Frater says

      Hi Heaton,

      I haven’t experienced this. Surely a company of their size wouldn’t scam people, or is this me being Naive.

      Have you checked your SPAM filters?

  5. says

    Benaughty is a total scam ive talked to over 100 women and so far about 40 % have been camera strippers who wantvyou to pay to watch about 45 % are ” women” that there orofiles say they are close to you but they are in ghana and asking for money to come to you about 10 % are women who want you to get verified which cost money and 5% are just computer generated responses that dont male sense. Administration sucks completely try cancelling you cant you have to close your bank account to get out of it. Its a total scam

    • Tom Frater says

      Hi Ted,

      Yeah it is pretty annoying the amount of women that expect you to pay to see them. I wish they would change this.

  6. says

    I joined for 3 day VIP. cancelled the auto charge and received the charge of 39.00 anyway!

    I also wrote them over 10 times reporting scammers and asked them to contact me.

    No response.

    Many of the scammers have had the LINK removed to report them????!!!!

    I asked why?

    No response?

    Then they for some reason opened me up another account with my same ID except put NC in front of it????? !!!

    I asked them to turn it off and they auto responded it had been cancelled. GOOD!

    I called the number on the cancellation email and it was an answering service not the company.. I asked for a direct number and they said they didnt have a way to contact them by phone or email. I asked for a supervisor and held for over 20 minutes. then pressed 1 and left a callback message. $5.00 says NO RESPONSE.

    there is a pop up that says thanks for turning in scammer and you will be reimbursed money for membership or given free membership for turning in scammer but no link to opt for it???

    i have turned in at least 10 with proof as to their having fraud photos and on and nothing back in response and the profiles are still on there.

    why are most of the ones i am turning in have the report link removed?

    why are the ones that i turned in still on there? one was on 76 sites!!! and the photo was over 4 years old!

    the number to contact the answering service for this company is 212 796 5746 but keep in mind it is ONLY an answering service for them.

    GOOD LUCK and be careful.. over 50% are scammers or wanting you to go into their Cam room.

  7. says

    How do you delete your account?
    I payed 13.99 for the week and to say it was the biggest waste of money is an understatement.Im on it less than an hour and 14 profiles have attempted to scam me!!Have not been able to get chatting with ANY legitimate profiles!!

  8. henry says

    okay i tired this last year, talked to some girls but i didnt get what i wanted which was casual sex. frankly after reviewing other sites, i am thinking about going back to BN, however this time i do want casual fun with a real girl. what is the best advice to find real girls in my area?

  9. horace griffin says

    Well I’m kind of disappointed there always Says error when I Try To Go Pay For A Plan ..

  10. says

    benaughty lol more like beconned there are some genuine women on there but be prepared to start the hunt for the needle in a very big hay stack and thats if the site even gives you a chance to look .
    you join for free and are bombarded with possible requests or you may see someone nice you like but because your only free member you cannot read or communicate with them without paying.
    once you have paid ,here the problems start ,youve paid so lets start searching for miss or mrs right wrong after i started to search and was soon greeted with the message you searched to many times you have been blocked try again later ,i thought surly this cant be right ive paid to to search ,this must be wrong ill may have to wait 5 or 10 mins and i can start again well 5 hours later and still waiting ,
    this happened 3 times a day when i contacted them about this no reply so decide to contact a on-line site mod when i told her she said she had never heard of this but then came back and said your only allowed to view 50 profiles per day or you get blocked out but i said this what i paid my money for and how will i know ive searched 50 better start start to count every time i look at a profile or press they enter key.
    to the benaughty site the term search really means look at because you dont even have to search before the blocked message appears just moving along pages will do it ,i was then told have you used the chat rooms yea iv had look but im not really into talking to someone while there watching someone masturbating or chatting to someone in the usa and there’s only a handfull of uk women in there rooms and they just don’t float my boat well sir i was told your cup is half full look there then do a bit of searching but i don’t want to do that i paid to search and that’s what i want to do sorry nothing i can do good bye.
    next problem you will come across when your be plagued with fake profiles see someone you like wrong again you message and wow they message back you message and they message back even better quick let send another they then send you something out of context then more out of context then you realise there auto mated you been messaging a robot this will happen all most every contact you make until you will not before sure if are they real or not
    you’ll get to the point of just saying hello to anyone even if there’s no attraction
    there are some real women there but be prepared to hunt for them and that’s if you get passed the being blocked con they have applied to keep you there longer .
    unless your really shy be better just going out for the evening and telling any girl in a group that you think there cute and could you talk to them because you probably have better luck

    so be prepared a major head ache and that someone is making a hell lot of money from this site and living it up on your cash

    so good luck
    ps if you use skype now you wont after going on benaught you will know what im taking about when and if you go on there

    • Tom Frater says

      Thanks for the review. It’s great to read some honest reviews from other individuals, it’s just a shame to see only a few positive ones and quite a few negative ones.

  11. says

    the be naughty web site is a fake all around. the women basically say the same statements when you are e mailing them on the site or texting them on the site. you chat with them for a short time and then they all say the same thing “do you want to talk dirty” . any time you ask questions on things in there town to meet they never answer the questions. this is a shure thing that there is some one other than the real person answering you its an employee from be naughty. you are not talking to a real woman or man. you will never see this person but the site will take your money each month. my suggestion is take the money you would spend on this and get a massage with a happy ending…

      • Kbagler says

        I’m an hour from Tijuana. I go there weekly and spend less than $100 and have “fun” with a couple girls and go home. MUCH cheaper than a girlfriend and WAAAAAAAAAAAAY cheaper than a wife.

    • Kbagler says

      Or, if you live near Tijuana, go there and grab a whore. You can see and talk to the person WITHOUT paying a dime. You like her, take her up stairs and fuck her brains out LOL

  12. Ken says

    Tried Benaughty several times although never had much luck on there. Each time they have kept taking the subscription even though I had canceled membership and automatic renewals. You then have to phone them and the phone centre in India keeps you on the telephone for ages before telling you that they haven’t got the authority to cancel and transfer you to the USA who also keep you on the phone for ages. I wonder how much they make out of these phone calls?

  13. says

    It is truly sad to see all those who have been scammed by BeNaughty. Sadly, as I read the experiences of others, they mirror mine.

    However, my anger has softened and I write this reply after a cooling off period. This is important as I feel it is necessary to set out my experience with BeNaughty, in the hopes of convincing others to stay away from them and their other dating sites.

    Here is what you need to be aware of:

    (1) At BeNaughty, they ask you to cancel your membership prior to expiration of your membership or they will continue to bill you. This “negative optioning” is a tactic that no respectable business will employ. In Canada, the telecommunications giant, ROGERS, tried this and there was an enormous backlash as it was widely held that this tactic would allow the giant to take money which was never intended for them. Sound familiar with BeNaughty?

    (2) Your attempts to cancel will be fraught with difficulty. First, you must cancel online, then call in with a cancellation code which will force you to speak with one of their operators (keep in mind that none of the larger more reputable dating sites have a 2-stage cancellation procedure).

    This 2-stage process is a major pain in and of itself, but it is obviously a way for them to keep you on the hook for as long as possible for further billing. In my case, their website verified my successful cancellation several times. I was careful to cancel online many times, to ensure I would not be billed further. The first call I made to quote the cancellation code made it clear that the code was not needed. In fact, they never asked for the code. They offered extended membership and upgrades for free. But what they don’t tell you is that they will not accept your request for cancellation at that time, and you must call in again. Once again, I cancelled successfully online several times. However, on the new day of expiry of my membership, I called to ensure cancellation was successful. The operater saw my efforts to cancel, and updated my file accordingly to show my request for cancellation came prior to my membership expiry date.

    This is where the scam comes alive: I noted my credit card was billed and called them. They sent my complaint “up” and I received only emails saying they could not give refunds. Even in the face of my case showing their online website erred several times by verifying my request, and, their operator updating my file with my request to cancel, they would still not refund.

    To be clear, I am a lawyer. I know their fine print says cancellation must be online and then verbally. This puts an onus on the member. However, in law, their “no refund” policy is not to absolve them of responsiblity when their website errs or their phone operator ignors your wishes. Despite me asking for a specific response to what they will do given their website and phone operator shortcomings, they would only quote the “no refund” policy. See the absurdity? In other words, they will not refund your money no matter what error they make in billing you.

    (3) The site itself is a hot-bed for scammers. Your inbox fills daily with obvious scammers. Communicate with them briefly and you will soon be asked to send the scammer money for their cause. Even without communicating with them, it soon becomes apparent that a contact from the other side of the earth must be a scammer. In fact, some of the contacts will come from fictional cities.

    (4) Reporting the scammer is not worthwhile. I reported dozens and continued to see them appear subsequent to my complaint.

    (5) As your membership expiry date approaches, you will begin to see your inbox fill up. No doubt the administrator is doing this to beckon you to extend your membership.

    In summary, your money will be wasted as this site has dozens more scammers than legitimate members, and you will always be at risk for being billed further given the difficulties they will cause you when you wish to cancel.

    As a futher caveat, be aware of their other sites. Below is a list of the sites that they offerred myself membership in lieu of a refund, which I obviously did not accept.

    If anyone needs further clarification, I am more than willing.

    … and in case you think I am a “scorned subscriber”, I actually did meet someone who I still have a connection with to this day …

  14. LT says

    LOL!!! Of course its a scam, THIS site right here is proof. Think about it, who makes a website, buys a URL to HAVE a positive review endorsing a website and right at the top of the search engine? THE SITE ITSELF. WAKE UP PEOPLE. This website was created by someone associated with, in other words owners of, HELLO!!! Some random person, user, member did not create this site. REAL people leave real reviews in other ways & for anyone that believes this site is legit, seek help. There are too many real sites out there!

  15. says

    I was on the original site before this new lot took over,its awful now which is a shame..i met a few women on the old site and cancelling the billing was no problem but this one is terrible and until they change their policy I wont be upgrading,its a bit sexist too because women are allowed to communicate for free and im wondering is this lawful?..Regards,Andy..

  16. says

    Do not use this site!! It is absolute scam .., and the Be Naughty support team (all one of them) are even worse.

    Cam girls, girls with multiple alias’s, .., and so on!!

    The girls that message you are that stupid …, that they are messaging you from different profiles and sending the exact same sentences / statements !!

    Furthermore the so called girls will try and get you to set up a ‘Safety ID’ in order to meet you – another scam!! Do not be take in by this .., the only thing that will happen to you – is you will get your bank account emptied – FACT!!

    It didn’t happen to me but I do know others that have had their accounts emptied.


  17. Tony says

    I do not know if the site is really a scam. But there are scammers. One of them got more than €100 from me. I met her again some two months later. I told her that no problem with that, that I expected she had profitted from my pocket money and she answered me that she had received not a cent… Is she a loser, then? Was she insulting my intelligence? I was by then trying to get over a depression and a divorce… I found the same scammer under three different nicks! Then, there were many suppossed scams operating from cities in France, in Africa and the US at the same time! In one of the cases, she posed as the daughter of a diplomat… I researched, no result. No association between that surname and the diplomatic charge…! And she was suppossedly a model, and she suppossedly lived in my city, but in a very well off area, but, casually, she was by then in Africa, but she was about to come back. … Packs of lies! Just met a couple of suppossedly real women who were very afraid I was a fake myself. Scare, at the best. No more. Best greetings

  18. Jack says

    Most of the hot chicks (if not all) are fake profiles generated by the site. It’s obvious. No matter how repulsive username I create, I always receive messages from them. Same applies to:

    – MegaFuckBook

  19. says

    Fake profiles, generic fake mails and instant messages, 20 or more men for every female, ludicrous prices and they wont cancel repeat billing when you ask them. You need to phone America and the number supplied does not exist. They also won’t respond to e mails or complaints and still tried to take money from my account when i asked them to cancel my repeat billing 3 times. Absolute con from start to finish and designed to fleece you from as much cash as possible with zero customer service.

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